Monday, July 13, 2009

Details - Eden's Life Celebration Service

Please join us on Saturday at 2:00pm to celebrate Eden's life. Everyone is very welcome. Our only request is that you dress casually and to wear something PINK. That's right, none of this dark, black and dreary stuff. Girls should be able to find something. Guys, if you don't have anything pink, wash something white with something red. That's what I've done! Eden was always in pink and it reminds us of her.

If you don't wear pink or if you come dressed up, you are still welcome! :)

Address of the service:
Calvary Chapel Sydney
Units 13-14
Enterprise Park
9 Hoyle Avenue
Castle Hill NSW 2154
9680 9255

For those too far away (like on the other side of the planet) or if you have other obligations, know that you will be missed. You can still wear pink!


Anonymous said...

This is from the other side of the planet!! We will be there in spirit for sure--and wearing some pink. God bless you both and only He can give the comfort and peace needed now. We love you.
Dad and Mom

Anonymous said...

I have never worn pink in my life, I'll make an exception for my niece though and proudly wear something pink. Off to the store with Linda! She has been trying to get me into a pink button down oxford for years, now she has her chance.
Love you guys!
Uncle Chris

Anonymous said...

John and Tina no words can describe how much we feel for your loss. We are so glad you got to spend some time with her, we are sorry it was not longer. We look forward to the day we get to meet Eden Graves in heaven and explain to her why the Henderson family was stared at, as they all wore pink around Nairobi on Saturday the 18th of July. Cant wait Eden! Our prayers are with you guys always, Bryan, Tara, Lillika and Rafi

Anonymous said...

Pink--what a great idea! Just help us geographically-time challenged people on the other side of the planet. What day and time is that in USA. I can translate from where ever you might know--like where Dad and Mom are. Carol (AiG) Florida

Michael and Kim Adamski said...

I'll be wearing PINK for Eden (also on the other side of the planet). She has been such an inspiration to me. I'm so glad I was led to the story of her life. I can't say it enough :)


Paul 'n Christina Jonkhoff said...

For those that are geographically-time challenged

On the Sat 18th July, 2pm in Sydney is:

US Eastern Time: Midnight Fri/Sat
US Mountain Time: 10pm Friday
US Pacific Time: 9pm Friday

Nairobi: 7am Saturday

For more cities go to

Choose 18th of July, and put in Sydney at City no.1, and you local capital city at City no.2

Hope this helps.

Robert Turnbull said...

I'd love to be there.
We will be thinking of you all here in Melbourne (and wearing pink).

Love from Rob, Simone and Hannah

Dave Graves said...

Pink it is then...wait I have to put a load of laundry in...(heard in the background...Leslie I need to wash your red nightie...)

Anonymous said...

Dear Jon and Tina,
We pray for comfort and peace as you celebrate precious Eden's "coming home". She looks so darling and know you loved her very much. We send our love and all blessings to the two of you.
Gordon and Suzy Hummel

Anonymous said...

An Uncle in Denver picked up a nice pink shirt today for my personal celebration of Eden Lanay Graves' Life, come Friday. Pink may not be the most tactical color for a cop to wear, but I'm taking that step.

Eden Lanay, the girl who was not suppose to be, was here, she occupied space among us, her short 7 day life legacy is a special present in different ways to many people. I'm celebrating that, and the magnificent God that made it happen that way.

Anonymous said...

Even though I can't be with you physically, my heart and soul are with you during Eden's service. I am going up to Mother and Dad's on Saturday to help paint but know my mind will be on you guys and I will wear pink in honor of her.

I love you guys,


Anonymous said...

Y'all have been in my heart and my prayers, with both tears and joy. Even though I am here in El Paso, Texas, I will be with you in spirit, and wearing something pink.
GOD's love for us is so deep and so wide and it just shines through Eden's blog, only HE knows how far and wide the "ERE Factor" (Eden's Ripple Effect)will spread. It certainly has touched my heart and my life. Just know that a little bit of Eden now lives in the hearts of all of us that have read her blog.
from Marianne's Grow Group

Paul 'n Christina Jonkhoff said...

I think a group picture on the day would be great! Pass it on....

Anonymous said...

Even though I'll probably be in bed when you have the service for Eden I'll be wearing my pink pajamas and celebrating her life in my dreams- Georgia