Monday, July 13, 2009


This blog was created to keep close friends and family up-to-date on our unexpected pregnancy. I have come to realize that people are reading it all over the world. I want you to know our history and the reason why Eden is so remarkable.

Tina and I are Americans living in Australia. We’ve been here for three years and I can’t possibly explain all the ways God has orchestrated our journey. Both of us grew up in Christian homes and we are so thankful that our parents taught us about Jesus. As with most kids, we rebelled and went our own way for many years. Living in Europe and not having access to a good church was the lowest point in our Christian life. After returning to Colorado Springs, we were elated to worship at Rocky Mountain Calvary. We thrived on the verse-by-verse teaching, relished the worship music and cherished our church family who loved the Lord. Our spiritual walk grew by leaps and bounds during those five years.

God called us to Australia in 2006. I am currently leading a small home fellowship (Calvary Fellowship of Epping). We continue to learn more and more about our wonderful Father and how to be effective in ministry. About a year ago, I started praying for God to mold and make me into the man He wanted me to be. The Bible gives us pictures of how God is our Father and those who have accepted Christ are his kids. I wanted God to show me more about what that meant. You see, Tina and I had been married for 19 years and never had children. Doctors had told us we could not conceive without medical intervention. This was not disappointing news as we never really wanted a family of our own. Those who know Tina can attest that if you informed her you were expecting, you were immediately cut off from her social circle!

I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but Tina was also praying about something very specific. She wanted Him to teach her how to share. You can’t get more personal than sharing your womb! She was born into a family of three brothers who are 10, 12 and 14 years older than her. By the age of seven, she was an only child. Children without siblings tend to be… how can I say this?... spoiled! I’m sure Eden would have been spoiled too.

God answered both prayers in December when Tina told me, “John, something is wrong. I think I’m in menopause. It’s either that or I’m pregnant. Ha Ha!” We both had a good laugh. We had been on and off birth control all our married life mainly to regulate Tina’s cycle, not to prevent pregnancy. She said, “Let me take a test because I know the doctor will ask about that first.” When the test came up positive, we were SHOCKED. I still recall my reaction. “This thing must not be that accurate!” As I read the box… 99.9% accurate. Hmmm… “Let’s get another test and try again tomorrow!” It was then that the verse in Luke 1:37 came to life, “With God nothing will be impossible.”

That’s when the miracles began:
• Pregnant after 19 years of marriage.
• 12 Weeks - The ultrasound and Tina's blood test showed Eden was not viable.
• 19 Weeks - The doctors were speechless that Tina was still pregnant and that the ultrasound looked ‘normal.’
• 23, 25, 29 Weeks - Doctors were flabbergasted. Told us there was a 30% chance Eden would die before or at birth.
• 33 Weeks - Doctors decided to deliver her early but thought she would not survive the birth.
• July 3rd - She survived.
• She stole the hearts of her mommy and papa without doing much of anything.
• She stole the hearts of many of you whom she'd never met!

Each time we saw the doctor, it was bad news. Everyone seemed to encourage us to abort little Eden. From a worldly perspective, it just made sense. Get rid of this baby and try for one that has a better chance. I won’t make this a pro-life forum, but the Bible is clear that God alone has the right to give life and to take it away, so abortion was out of the question. We would dread each doctor’s visit and just chuckle when they would tell us how shocked they were that little Eden was still alive. Let me just say that even though our journey was difficult, we would not have changed a thing. We are so happy we took this path.

I fully expected her to be born healthy and was terrified when I thought she had died during delivery. When the paediatrician said she was ok, I thought to myself, “Thank you Lord for another miracle.” I then spent about four hours with her while Tina was in recovery. Every test the doctors performed showed possible signs of a problem and then everything seemed to be ok. We were prepared for the risk that she would have Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21), but she didn’t show any signs of it. It wasn’t until three days later that I even heard of Edward’s Syndrome (Trisomy 18). I fully expected those test results to come back negative as well, but God chose to use this to take her home.

The rest of our history is well documented in this blog. God has used this precious little girl to teach me the love of a father and to teach Tina more about sharing. She can now look at kids without running the other way! I have also learned to hate sin more than ever and to long for the perfect place Jesus is preparing for us.

God has also allowed this blog to be a blessing and encouragement to many people all over the world. Trust me when I tell you that we had no idea God would use Eden’s journey as such a powerful testimony for Him. I just love the Lord and trust His words:

Romans 8:28 - We know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

God has turned the tragedy of our situation that was caused by the sin of mankind in this world into a message of hope and encouragement. Only our Creator can do that.


Anonymous said...

Praise to God & Praise to our Lord

Anonymous said...

This blog is such a wonderful testimony. I check it at least twice a day. I want you to know that my church and AiG are praying for you and Tina and that Eden's short life will be a tool to bring many to Christ. Even though I won't physically be at Eden's service know that I will be there in spirit. Georgia.

Michael and Kim Adamski said...

WELL said. I really enjoy reading your blog - Eden really is having a ripple affect...

Mark Redden said...

Unreal openness, honesty! I'm not sure about the pink. Do you think Eden is a tomboy. Calvin washed his skate shoes with our whites. Now we have a bunch of light blue undies / t-shirts / socks....

Anonymous said...

I have been totally inspired by all 3 of you.

I was actually leading a sesssion on prayer last night and shared about your testimony of answered prayer in the midst of this.

Fantastic testimony.

Luke McAnally (Sydney)