Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Song for Eden's Service

This is one of the songs we'll be playing at Eden's service. It is so applicable to us. We are reminded that accepting Jesus Christ as our Saviour does not make us immune to heartache and difficulties. On the contrary, Jesus warns us that in THIS world, we WILL have tribulation. Fortunately, He goes on to give us comfort by saying, "But be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." We have great comfort knowing that our time without Eden on this earth is so short compared to eternity with her in heaven.


Anonymous said...

This is an amazing song and is so true! Just to be held by our heavenly Father during tragic times - WOW!


Anonymous said...

John and TIna,
WOW what a choice for a song....it is fabulous. Just think what "HELD" really means, especially by The Father Himself. Ilooked up the definition of held and it was very interesting, it means;

To have the ownership or use of; keep as one's own; occupy:to have or keep in the hand; keep fast; grasp:to bear, sustain, or support, as with the hands or arms, or by any other means.to remain fast; adhere; cling:to maintain one's position against opposition; continue in resistance.
to remain attached, faithful, or steadfast.......
Man if that is not strong I don't know what is, just like JESUS.

We love you guys and are praying constantly for you.

Danny and Ang

Anonymous said...

my heart breaks to see my brother and sister going through suffering.A verse came to me a few days ago I just had to find it 1 Thessalonians 5 v 18 In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
In everything that includes suffering not easy to do
I am so thankful to God for His Son Jesus through Him we have eternal life
I am so thankful to God for the two of you for your love,encouragement you both are an inspiration to so many people
I am so thankful to God for Him choosing you both as Eden's parents
I am so thankful to God for the precious time you had with Eden and the time you will have forever with her in heaven
I am so thankful to God for His promises that we can hold onto through suffering
I am so thankful to God for you sharing Eden's story around the globe for the lives you 3 have touched
I am so thankful to God for Eden's new body (no T18)

I love you more than words can express
Love your sis Janette

Nickie said...

To sweet little Eden,
You have done so much in the short time God gave you on this Earth. You have helped parents love on their children more, you have brought friends and family together from miles away, you enabled hearts to feel a love that only a child can do, you have brought the light of Jesus in the world. Eden your parents are very special, as you were able to feel. It is Awesome to KNOW that you will see them again with your perfect body in Our Father's house. This world can be hard and ugly, but you brought a beauty that was too big for this world. May you spread your wings in Heaven and continue to do the work of our Father! Lord, Thank you for letting us experience Eden. John and Tina Thank you for your hearts in sharing your family story. Our prayers and love sent daily. ~Tom, Nickie, Lotan and Kaden Phillips

Anonymous said...

Tina and Jonathan,,
What A beautiful, beautiful song
for Eden's service.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time.
We love you,
Bob and Jacque

Anonymous said...

hey aunt tina and uncle john
its hannah again what a great choice of a song for eden. this song made me cry. lov you guys
lov hannah banana

Anonymous said...

We are so sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter, Eden. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Eden choose you to be her parents, you are blessed. May God continue to surround you both with His love.

The Elders