Saturday, July 4, 2009

Eden in ICU

Here is a movie of Eden in ICU. I was able to hold her hand as the nurses did some more tests and cleaned out all the tubes.

The head dress is simply to hold the nose tubes in place. The nose tubes push a little air down into her lungs to keep them partially expanded. This makes it easier for her to breathe.

It looks like she is struggling to breathe, but she is doing fine. Her lungs have not yet fully developed and her abdominal muscles have no fat covering them, so it looks like she is struggling. It was good to hold her hand.

As the nurses did their work, I held Eden's hand. She would squeeze my hand and pull telling me, "please help." It broke my heart to see her in any discomfort, but I knew it was for her own good and I felt a deep sense of obligation to protect her.

I can now understand Psalm 3 a little more as God wants us to depend more on Him. He must love us, want to care for us and yet allows bad things to happen for our good.



Anonymous said...

Us over here on the other side of the world in the U.S. are appreciative of the technology and John's skill that allow us to see & marvel at those little tiny fingers grasping one big one that is offered out of Love! Yea Eden! You keep them lungs a-pumpin'!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us. What a precious bonding moment! It doesn't matter how old she is, she will always need her Daddy!

Love you bro!

Aunt Linda

Anonymous said...

She's a fighter! Good for little Eden!
John, she's already got YOU wrapped around her little finger! How great is that!!
Thanks for keeping us in the loop!
Big hugs to all,

Anonymous said...

Oh my GOD! You know that birth is a miracle in and of itself, but Eden is the epitomy of God's love and grace. Watching/listening and reading your two testimonys is enough to make the devil himself come around and be born again. I love you both so much and my little niece is a miracle. Of course Christina asked why her name wasn't Eden Christina! HA! HA!