Sunday, July 5, 2009

Eden back on a respirator

I'm sad to report that they are putting Eden back on a respirator. Eden's lungs are still not producing enough oxygen. They are going to give her some medicine called surfactant that should help her lungs develop.

There is a fear that the lung problems may be related to the heart and ultimately related to chromosomal defects. We should know more in the next 18-24 hours. Please keep praying for our little Eden. She isn't out of danger yet. God is good.

It was a great surprise to find out that two of the nurses watching over Eden are Christians and we were able to share a bit of our testimony with them. God used them to give us great comfort today.

More soon.

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Anonymous said...

How wonderful that God has put Christian nurses to watch over Eden and talk and pray with you. We will pray that the Great Physician who CAN heal all, WILL heal all. Our church is praying for all three of you. We love you and pray for you constantly. Dad & Mom