Sunday, June 28, 2009

32 Week Ultrasound

We enjoyed another ultrasound on Monday. Initially everything looked GREAT! However, after speaking with our doctor on Thursday, he is very concerned about Eden's size. She is now in the 8th percentile, meaning only 8 percent of all babies born are smaller than her. We have another ultrasound on Thursday with "the best of the best" doctor performing it himself. We will also be having fetal heart monitoring done each week from now on. The doctors have decided to deliver Eden at 38 weeks. LORD willing, her birth day will be August 4th. Thank you so very much for your continued prayer for our baby girl. Love, Tina & Jonathon

Here are some images of Eden's hands and feet:


Anonymous said...

"Good things come in small packages" We are so excited about your little Eden. Grandmother's birthday was the 5th, so we'll be able to easily remember Eden's birthday. We do pray for all three of you. Plus wisdom for the doctor. Love you, Dad and Mom

Anonymous said...

From Georgia- Still praying for the 3 of you. Glad to hear there is good news but will continue to pray for her growth.