Wednesday, June 3, 2009

29 Week Ultrasound

Have I got GREAT news to share. We saw the doctor who gave us the results of our ultrasound from Monday. Eden looks beautiful. She is a very small baby but her growth rate is consistent which is what we were hoping to hear today. He was so pleased with her progress that we don't need another ultrasound for a MONTH! Because of her small size and my little weight gain (so far 7.5 lbs), he wanted to retest me for gestational diabetes. The result was NEGATIVE again! Woohoooo

What an awesome God who has protected our little Eden and her mama. I wish you all could see our joy and experience our relief to hear this wonderful news.


Lisa Fitzwater said...

oh my gosh, Tina. She is so perfectly beautiful. Do you cry every time you see her when you get an ultrasound? I did with Jordan and I didn't go through with what you've been through. It's so amazing and wonderful to watch God work through you and Eden. Praise God!!!

Becki Bennett said...

Praise the Lord!!!! I'm so happy for you! She is beautiful! What joy she is going to be when she arrives!!! It has been so encouraging to see God work this miracle!

Sharyl said...

My heart rejoices for you all! The videos are incredible to see! So very exciting! The Lord is so merciful and good, she's adorable-even though it's not really a 'picture'-I am sure she is! May she continue to grow strong and well, and I pray that Tina will stay well also. Your family is such a good example of faith and trusting the Lord through every circumstance! May God bless you more and more in all things~
Love in Christ,
Sharyl Monroe.