Thursday, March 25, 2010

I finished crocheting Eden's baby blanket tonight. I think I will hang it on the wall in our bedroom. OH, HOW I MISS YOU BABY GIRL! I wish I could wrap your sweet, chubby eight month-old body in it.


Karina said...

To My dear friend - Eden's Mummy. I love you. This blanket is beautiful, obviously a work of love. A song that God has been putting into my head when I think of you "Don't you know that I formed you, before you were born I knew you, can't you see that my plans for you are good. .Look and see I've engraved you, on the palms of My hands." Just wanted you to know that I still care and I still cry when I think of you. Love, Karina :o)

Michael and Kim Adamski said...

Hey, just thinking of you guys and Eden, and thought I'd check the blog. Can't believe it's been 8 months! I think of Eden often and occasionally send a "shout-out" when we pray at night :) Glad to see updates - keep them up! -Kim