Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Today was the day Eden was supposed to have been delivered. Initially, Dr. Morris wanted to take her at 38 weeks. It would be a cop out if I told you I didn't cry; we both did. It is getting a little easier with each passing day. We have learned from those who have suffered this loss before us that we will never get over the death of our daughter. We must simply learn to live with this gaping hole in our hearts. Jonathon and I wanted to let you all know how much we appreciate your texts, emails, comments on the blog, cards and company. They continue to help us heal. We are incredibly blessed, not only for the birth of Eden Lanay, but for friends like you.

Tina & Jonathon


Karina said...

Dearest Tina and John,
I cry often, too! God is constantly reminding me that I need to look to Him and the future hope rather than what I'm selfishly desiring. I was looking forward to sharing this mother / parenting journey with you, and that our babies would be playmates. God has been working on my heart and changing my focus to be thankful.
This baby that's growing and growing inside me is a constant reminder of the blessing that we have been given, but that the only certain hope we have is in Jesus.
With Jonah (3yr old), we talk about going to Heaven to be with Jesus and meeting our little friend, Eden. He still sometimes asks to wear the pink flower to celebrate Eden.
I thank God for you!
Karina :o)

Lisa (Conrow) Fitzwater said...

Tina and John,
I cry EVERY time I read any of your blogs. I can only imagine the empty feeling you have, but I thank God that we too will see Eden some day. Jordan (3 yrs) still talks about her, as well and that she will hold baby Eden when she gets to heaven. It makes my heart glad to know that not only was God there to hold her in His arms and make her whole, but that she gets to be with her Grandpa and Uncle Rick, as well.

We love you both.