Thursday, July 9, 2009

Three generations of girls

Tina's mom arrived this morining. It was nice having her around to spend some time with Eden.

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Robert Turnbull said...


Anonymous said...

Little Eden is so blessed to have you as her parents and Marianne as her "Oma". My prayers and love are with you.
Donna Lee Collier
Marianne's friend
Your sister in Christ

Anonymous said...

What a sweet picture! I'm so glad that Tina's Mom could be there. Mother and daughter time is so special. Dad & Mom

beckib said...

What a great picture of Marianne, Tina and Eden! I'm so glad Marianne arrived and enjoying her time with all of you!

Hugs to all of you!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that Grandmother got to be there to see that precious and beautiful granddaughter. The picture will be a treasure keepsake.
El Paso, Tx

Anonymous said...

Hey mom,

I am so glad that you made it there to be with Tina, John and Eden. Enjoy those moments together! I love you all.


johnvida said...

Dear Aunt Marianne, I'm so glad to see you there with Tina, John and Eden. What a beautiful picture.

Vida Walker Burtis

Karina said...

Oh, I wish I could put video back through this Blog - you would have a clip of me signing BEAUTIFUL ...
Karina :o)

Anonymous said...

Ya'll are beautiful! We are all praying in El Paso!

Eloise and Rebeakh

Anonymous said...

So wonderful to see pictures of your beautiful little Eden, with Tina and proud grandmother, Marianne. So grateful you all have had this special time with her. Thank you for sharing your joy with others who love you.
We prayed for all of you at my Bible Study group today.
Love, Sandy Lavender

Anonymous said...

Eden Lanay, you lucky girl!
I know the other two quite well, and you Girl, are in some fine company for learnin' some stuff. Some of it is quite useful, too!

This is a picture I will never forget seeing! Simply AWESOME!