Friday, July 10, 2009

New Dress

Baby Eden has a new dress. Papa thinks it is way too short. I can see her ankles!

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johnvida said...

Way too precious! I love the polks dots. I'm at home now and my girls are praying too.

Vida Walker Burtis

Karina said...

And showing way too much arm don't you think?!?!? (hee, hee!) It's a beautiful dress but doesn't begin to compare to the sweet girl wearing the dress!
Karina :o)

Anonymous said...

Yo, John, where's the vail? Git that Girl covered up!
Precious photo.
That's a look of wonderment if ever seen. She seems oblivious to the fact Prom is months away.

Anonymous said...

How adorable!! Just like a Daddy saying it's too short. Guess you can't start too early protecting your daughter. Love Dad & Mom

Anonymous said...

Oh you guys. She is so adorable. Tell her that her Aunt Kim loves her.

Aunt Kim

Anonymous said...

'BEAUTIFUL'.... doesn't even come close to describing the presence the look and the way i feel about my precious little sister, i don't think there is word powerful enough to describe her true beauty and how much she means to me!
There isn't a second of the day that passes where my heart isn't longing for her and loving her.

Aunt Fajita

Michael and Kim Adamski said...

What a beauty - LOVE this pic... she's showing off those baby-blues :) such a cute lil thing!!! praying praying praying!

Anonymous said...

Her first dress...and it is adorable---just like her! She is definitely "pretty in pink".
Eden has touched my heart so deeply. Each photo you share with us makes me love her even more.
Give her a kiss on her pretty little head from her Auntie Frannie!
I'm praying for our little angel.

Douglass said...

You're in our thoughts and prayers. Just know you have touched many with your life so far. You will always be a blessing and testimony for the Lord!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful dress for a pretty girl happy 1 week Eden
Love Janette

Anonymous said...

7AM EP Fri-now I know why Oma wore that pink sweater to meet her Darling Eden-never can have too much pink! Kitty

Anonymous said...

How precious! I told my daughter Liz that we needed to pray for Baby Eden and we have been praying every night for her. Last night Liz prayed this, "Please help Baby Eden and please help her not to die." It was so heartfelt. Georgia