Monday, July 6, 2009

Eden "sunning" herself

Little Eden had a good dose of photo therapy today. I especially liked the fake sun glasses they put on her. This is supposed to help prevent jaundice. Amazing how much I'm having to learn.

Eden has two tubes in her mouth. One is for the respirator and the other goes into her stomach so the doctors can keep air and other junk out and keep it clean. They also use this tube to give Eden a little bit of breast milk. I'll spare you the details of how all that works.

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Karina said...

How cool! Well, maybe not cool, but still helps with a little humour and normality?!?!? I'll have to get her a real fashionable pair of sunnies when she gets bigger. God has the three of you in the palm of His hand. We totally believe that God knows what He is doing and are praying for your continued peace and opportunity to proclaim HIM! Lots of Love, Peter, Karina, Jonah, Jared and Baby Badcock.

Anonymous said...

Look at our little beach baby!
Eden is adorable in her "shades"!
She look more comfortable in this photo-- Thanks, Jonathan, for sending us constant updates. I find myself checking the blog several times each day. The hospital staff seems to be on top of things--and that is so encouraging for our precious one.
How is Mama doing?
I'm holding you all in my thoughts and prayers.....Love and hugs,
Frannie (Tante, "Auntie" Frannie)

Anonymous said...

Go Eden, you're such a trend setter!! and cute as a button too. The Farnsworth prayer team are frequently chatting with Jesus on your behalf, so chill under the sun little babe 'cos I bet he has a real soft spot for you.
Love Helen & Alan and Cleo,and Goldie and Bobby xxxx