Friday, July 3, 2009

Eden's Birthday!


Eden was successfully delivered today at 2:20pm. Here are her stats:
Sex: Girl (of course)
Weight: 1.38kg (3.06 lbs)
Length: 42cm (16.5 in)

She is very small.

Both Eden and Mum are doing well.

Eden is breathing on her own, but not getting enough oxygen, so they have her hooked up to a respirator to help her breathe for awhile.

She will be in ICU for at least two days to make sure she remains stable.

There were a few issues that have been resolved and everything looks good except for a possible problem with her heart. It is difficult for the doctors to know if there is a problem until she has been "outside" for a few days. I will post more news on that soon.

The first glimpse we had of Eden. We haven't been able to hold her yet.

Poor girl. So many pokes and prods. But it was for her own good.

She is so tiny!!!

It will be easier to see her face after the breathing tube is removed...
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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!!!!! She is sooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!! This made me cry!! We will continue to lift her up in our prayers. CONGRATULATIONS MOM & DAD!!!

Aunt Linda

SSAT said...

Praise God!! Now we finally get to see what He has been knitting in Tina's womb. What a true testimony to His grace. Truly, children are a heritage from the Lord. Enjoy your heritage, John and Tina, and may God richly bless your family. Love, Stuart, Susan, Amy, and Tyler (And, finally, we can say with certainty, "It's a girl!!!!!!!!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Tina and John,
Eden is beautiful--so petite and...just beautiful! You ALL are in my thoughts and prayers.
Tante Frannie

beckib said...

She is absolutely and perfectly beautiful!!! Can't wait to see more pictures. We are praying!!! Love you!