Thursday, July 9, 2009

Eden awake.

Here is a short video of Eden awake and looking around. I'll spare you the long version (much more of the same!) :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing that guys! She has won our hearts!! She is so tiny and so beautiful. Praise God for we have been wonderfully made by him! He is a wonderful God for making such a tiny and beautiful baby girl!
Fi and Pete

Anonymous said...

Aww she is so sweet! Sandi Bishop, Dave's friend

Anonymous said...

Her eyes are so big...full of wonder....I adore her!
I'm praying for your beautiful little Eden...and for your strength and unwavering faith in the uncertain days ahead.
God is good!
Give her a sweet kiss from her Auntie Frannie!
Love you THREE!

Lisa Fitzwater said...

She is soooo beautiful. I can't help but cry every time I look at a video of her. It makes me hug my 3 year old, Jordan, tighter and cherish every moment I have with her, because we don't know when it will be our last. I love Eden like she was my own and I'm a million miles away! Jordan prays for her every night. I wish you could hear her pray; it makes me cry all over again. With the sweet innocence of a child, she prays "Deaw Lode, please fix Baby Eden. She has a pwoblem, Lode; fix it... please." (that's the condensed version - she actually goes on for 2-3 minutes and says more than that, but that's the gist of it).

I love you guys and I've never even met you, Jonathan! But I know Tina and she hasn't changed, except that I think she's even more beautiful now than she was when she was 18.

I'm praying daily for all of you.

Lisa (Conrow) Fitzwater

Anonymous said...

Eden is beautiful!
The videos are amazing---it's wonderful to be able to see her when we're so far away---what precious little fingers! Thank you for sharing these special moments. We are so glad Marianne is with you--
We are praying for Eden and you,
Charlene and Laura

Anonymous said...

Once again, THANK YOU so much for this blog. It helps so much since we are so far away. She is just so sweet! I loved hearing you talking to her. You are such a wonderful Daddy. LOVE YOU!

Aunt Linda

Anonymous said...

Eden & Dad Unscripted! Very Cool Moment.

Anonymous said...

Is it my imagination, or does Eden have dimples like her Mommy? I can't imagine she has enough skin on her cheeks yet, but it sure looked like dimples in the video.
John, thanks for giving those of us in the States an opportunity to walk through this with you all. I check the blog several times a day.
We love you and wish we could hug all three of you.

Jeanine for all